It’s time for Time Machine in Bollywood

Hollywood is popular for its sci-fi thrillers and Bollywood is popular for its new breed of star-sons. It will be great moment when these two factors collage together into one big and grand cinematic act. Harry Baweja’s ambitious LOVE STORY 2050 has both ingredients as it launches his son Harman Baweja as lead man of the show while the film has mind-blowing sci-fi action thriller impact. LOVE STORY 2050 has its inspirational lifts from Hollywood’s successful sci-fi thriller TIME MACHINE. It’s a film where the lead actors goes into year 2050 and witness all amazing and exciting happenings with great visual impacts. Priyanka Chopra, leading Bollywood actress and girlfriend of Harman Baweja is playing pivotal role by enacting double role in the film. The film seems to be having its inspirational lifts from films like THE FIFTH ELEMENT, I ROBOT and STAR WARS. Let’s hope that this “baap-beta” connection works big for the film industry as science fiction remains to be one of the most unexplored territories in Indian cinema.

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  1. kiranshubha says:

    Nice to know something like that is coming in bollywood but it becomes difficult to accept the movie as a hit because hollywood has gone way beyond in creating such movies & the quality of movie is very good so it would be a difficult thing for bollywood sci-fi movie to compete with hollywood ones.

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