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Happiness is a feeling which is related to our thinking. I mean the way we think. But most of us are not happy as they seem to swim aimlessly in a sea of negativity day in and day out. So many depressed people simply blame the world for all that is wrong in their lives, not knowing what to do to feel happiness. And even more astonishing is that there are even those who seem to thrive on being unhappy!
Most of us work throughout our lives to please others. While doing so they crave for fame and applause. When you complete a task always ask yourself – Am I satisfied with my work? Have I done my job sincerely and wholeheartedly? Can I take pride in signing on my work?

If answers to the above questions are no then you are slave of false pride and applause. You are not allowing your true Self to flourish. If you cannot justify your work with your true Self then you are cheating yourself.

So, the next time you take up any task keep in mind that do what satisfies you and makes you happy and you will see how this change in the attitude results in a deep satisfaction and joy.

Just stop for a while and think that ….Are you really as happy as you want to be?

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