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Born as a human being we are blessed with so many admirable potentialities. It is good and healthy to recognize your qualities and capacities in order to be a successful being in your life.

Believe in your strength and your youth so that you are strong enough to face the challenges of life and meet them with courage. Never loose hope while moving on the road to success, have faith in your strength and keep moving towards your goal.

Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself that everything depends upon you and it is only you who can do it and no one else. Make your presence indispensable so that whatever you do is appreciated and accepted by all. It is only possible if you have confidence in yourself and the qualities inbuilt in you.

Admire your knowledge and learn from the experience. Know yourself and conquer the hidden qualities in you.

Once you will know your value and worth you will never be a looser. Have faith and confidence in you to get the best from the efforts made by you. Your efforts will never go waste or unnoticed once you improve and recognize your worth and act accordingly.

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    I agree one should know their individual capabilities and potential.

    However I disagree on certain points.

    No one is indispensable. If the felling of “Iam indispensable sets in”, one loosess control over self.

    To admire ones ones own capabilities is like self acclaim. The value of ones capabilities will have to be certified by others


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