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Life is a game of boomerang!!!

It’s been installed into us in all vibrant ways, hues and styles….

”Don’t do it, it is bad. You will get punished.”……

” He is a good man so he will go to heaven.”….

”Be good.” …

”As you…sow so shall you reap.”

Just magnify the canvas. Every word, gesture and deed by us boomerangs right back. Stop reading for a moment, look up and smile at the person in front of you — pat comes the response — a smile. That’s instant boomerang effect. Want to try again, abuse the same person, now you are in for a retaliatory response.

In fact, the whole spiritual philosophy of hell and heaven is just boomerang effects of our deeds, sins and virtues.

We can’t sow thorns and reap mangoes and apples.

Actually we sow seeds everyday, every second. Every thought that crosses our mind, every word we utter, every emotion, every wish and fantasy that arises is nothing but seeds — seeds that in due course germinate and yield fruits.

Why only religion even science proves the concept of boomerang — “Action and reaction are equal” ,a scientific law. Our negative thoughts, bad food habits and sedentary lifestyle usually results in bad health.

Psychology is based on the game of boomerang.

Anger results in anguish, hostility manifests as fights and shame becomes inferiority complex. In fact, every act of the past becomes a habit of the person and the person what he thinks, and our thinking is also affected by our surroundings.

The game of boomerang is on!!!!

Want to Play!

Play it well.

That it the way it should be…..what says?

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    Boomerang is generally used in the negative sense. When one plays the game of Boomerang, it is applied to negative or bad deeds.

    I would rather be the cultivator of Orchards and Groves.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    Life is the good balance and mixture of happiness and sorrows.

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