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Make your soul your friend
Talk to the soul
Day in and day out
To get the answers
Of the questions
Arising from your mind
Enlighten your soul
With the good thoughts
Always think positive
And make your soul
As pure as GOLD

Contribute your love to all
Show your affection to your dear ones
To make this world a better place
Stop look and see in your heart
What is kept in store for the
People around you
Share the love and happiness
And leave the hate and sorrow

Love is the best medicine for all the ills
Love will enlighten your way to enter the heart of your dear ones
Love will make you feel good and likable
So spread love to get love
It will sow the seeds of affection and joy around you
And for the times to come in your life
You will be happy as ever

Happiness will show you the way to accomplish
The positive attitude in your soul
Your soul will become as pure as ever
Will be able to get positive answers
To make your life and thoughts
Happy and joyous as ever
Be the friend of your soul
And see the miracle of the friendship

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