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METRO seeks helps from IIT engineers

METRO seeks helps from IIT engineers

Delhi, the capital of India was fortunate to have services of METRO transportation as it helped many commuters in big way. It led to sharp decline on the huge traffic in roads. Even the automobile sale showed a steep fall as every person preferred DELHI METRO for their transportation. Now their network is widening to the boundaries and is stretching to all quarters. It is believed that new network will be connecting Airports and Railways station and the proposed network is assumed to covering many significant places of Delhi. DELHI METRO is currently short of their trained professionals and now has sought the help of IIT institute for delivering them their prospective candidates. These set of engineers will be specially trained in designing and construction of METRO network and will have to undergo special course. Despite scarcity of resources, it is really great that DELHI METRO is awakening to new measures and know how in structuring and implementing new technologies with best of their knowledge in best of professionals available.

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