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What is peace?
Is it a state of contentment?
Is it an emotion?

Whatever it is but everybody wants peace and they pray for it everyday. But how can we have peace, asking from GOD but when GOD reminds you the way to peace we step back.

God has gifted all of us with a beautiful soul which is full of purity and humble thoughts, but when we enter into this world we forget them. We are attracted towards the worldly things like love lust and money.

Love for a short lived thing called money which is not going to be with you forever, but still lust to earn more and more always keeps pricking our mind and we do every effort to get more and more.

Sometimes we leave no stone unturned to get more and more and loose our luster.

But again the next morning we are ready to pray for PEACE. But my dear friend from where will you earn PEACE when you have no time to sit and think about of the things you have done in the past and present to make your future PEACEFUL.

To be in peace you need to shed your EGO and greed for the worldly things which is a difficult ask but one can always give it a TRY………

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    It is the thing that calms the aggresion.
    so we should hav ur mind peaceful.

    It is also the thing needed for conflicting nations.

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