Political rivals turn friends on Holi

Political rivals turn friends on Holi

New Delhi has always been centre-stage for all hot “n” happening political happenings and HOLI bash is one among it. Leader of the Opposition L K Advani visited Congress president Sonia Gandhi at her residence and greeted her on Holi and thus marking this great festival with positive spirit of fraternity, friendship and unity. It was momentous moment for L.K. Advani, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate when he presented a copy of his memoirs, “My Country My Life” to Sonia Gandhi. Advani almost spent about 15-20 minutes at Sonia’s residence and shared his festive feeling with her. In political arena, its marked as special occasion as two leaders have never met so congenially in all these years.

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2 Responses

  1. sajeevss says:

    Haven’t u heard there r no enemies in Business & Politics…….

  2. Service_to_all says:


    There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics.


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