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Pritam’s music races all the way with RACE

Pritam’s music races all the way with RACE

I am great fan of PRITAM music as last year he had blast with some rip-roaring soundtracks. My excitement grew larger when the music of RACE was launched as I expected some great fireworks in it. I was delighted to hear another great album from him. I can guarantee it to be first big musical success of this year. The title track “Race Saanson Ki” and “Race is on my mind” was electrifying as the music simply eroded out from the speakers. The “cool” musical thrust was simply great and will be surely be delightful to shake legs on floors. I was particularly great fan of Atif Aslam and the song “Pehle NazaR Mein” proved to be blessing for my ears. The rest of the numbers had one of my favorite Taz, Apache Indian singing in it. Overall it was gratifying experience for me and RACE can well be termed as the first musical delight of this year.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Pritam’s music is absolutely wonder. I like his music but he ranks for me after A.R.Rehman and Himeh Reshamiya.

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