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Raj Thackerey culture-vulture again target Big B

Raj Thackerey culture-vulture again target Big B

The culture-vulture of Raj Thackerey “Sena” is back in news and action and had recently attacked Big B office of ABCL at suburban Juhu. The anger and hate for North Indian took a fresh blow and was targeted at Big B belongings again. It was disappointing to hear that four unidentified persons attacked the office with pelting stones and empty bottles. Now is this some sort of retaliation or vandalism to prove one’s point in his state. I believe that we all are part of this country and have constitutional rights of settling anywhere in India. There was reported casualty as the attacked premise was largely used for official purposes and utilized for gymnasium activities.

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2 Responses

  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    he is vulture & what is his problem if Mr Big B says he is from Ahmedabad.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    Please donot mistake this comment as a support for the Sena or Raj Thackeray or for that matter there acts. I condemn the same. But Just a small opinion survey and acting like a devils advocate.

    Think of this, A person has taken the full benefit from the place one has made a living and grown, must have some amount of gratitude to give back atleast something to it and not completely wash his hands off and show complete loyalty to his place of origin.

    Take the case of Rajinikanth. He had migrated to TN, and seen his wealth through the people of TN. He has always believed that he owes a lot to the people of TN who were responsible for all that he is today.

    Point to ponder.


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