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Saif copies silly Western fashion of tattooing

Saif copies silly Western fashion of tattooing

“Angrez Chale Gaye par apni kuch aulaadein yahaan chodh gaye”, the popular Hindi saying seems to be descriptively meant for self-styled “idiot” hunk Saif Ali Khan. I was amazed when I saw his hand tattooed with the name of his latest proclaimed-to-be-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor’s name. It looked ugly and the whole act looked amateurish and repulsive. Even Saif Ali Khan proclaimed that KAREENA (written in HINDI) looked and sounded like KAMEENA and everybody laughed. It’s a cheap imitation to western culture where there is trend of “open sex” and people can talk loud about their illegitimate relationships publicly. This average looking actor had disastrous past of consecutive flops in last ten years. Besides his poor track record, he has failed marriage with Amrita Rao and broken affair with “firangi” model Rozza. God helps this greedy and backbiting actress Kareena Kapoor from this actor as she already tasted success with JAB WE MET and broken relationship with ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapor.

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    On the one hand you are talking of Firangi manhandling and obscene treatment of Indian actress and also of their culture of flaunting illegitimate relationships and open sex. While also simultaneously overlooking the flaunting of body in the name of modelling by Indian models. Is this desi culture.


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