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Search for God

I wonder why people search for God…because I believe that MERA RAM MERE MANN MAIN HAI!

I have realized and felt is so many times that GOD is within ME.

My inner soul has always answered my quarries as and when I am surrounded by any difficult situation in my life.

Though I was not born with a silver spoon but had to keep the things into my heart to feel the crux within me. The strength to overcome the miseries and sorrows is given by GOD who dwells within ME.

When I was born, I had no name, no religion but was only carrying SOUL which is the eternal gift given by the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE to me to understand the world around me.

My heart longed for love and affection since my childhood, this feeling was generated by the SOUL in me. My body craved to dance on the songs which I longed to hear from the world around me. I could only gather them with the power of Love which was given to my SOUL by ALMIGHTY.

Love is the only way from which I could gather the pearls of SONG, DANCE AND AFFECTION in my life. It is beyond the boundaries of CASTE, COLOR AND CREED, NATION OR RACE.

Love is the only way to celebrate life and life celebrates existence. The world revolves around the feeling of love.

Soul is so pure and gentle that it has given me the strength to understand the life and the meaning to live in this beautiful world created by GOD.

Lucky are those who are blessed with LOVE and HAPPINESS around them as it is the outcome of the eternal SOUL given by GOD to all of us.

Some hear and some have yet to hear the bells of LOVE ringing in their heart but they are not able to hear them as it is heard only when the right time comes in your life to enjoy the TASTE OF LIFE.

Better hear the music of soul soon to enjoy the GIFT OF LIFE and you will find GOD in your life. Thus you will not wonder to search for GOD outside as it dwells within YOU.

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    That is god is within is the very fundamental principle of Hinduism. “Aham Brahmasmi” Iam god is talked about in all spiritual text of Hinduism.

    GOd is omnipresent is also a known fact and so obviously he has to be within as well.


  2. mysteriousdoc says:

    but thats what delusion.. illusion of tthis world

  3. Cindy says:

    You know i also feel my inner soul is my God Krishna, i hear him everyday and he speaks to me too. I don’t see him as a GOD but as a friend, philosopher and guide.

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