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Spoken words alone cannot express

Spoken words alone cannot express

Words speak but sometimes spoken words alone cannot express,
They are not enough to express the love you have for someone. They become short and the feeling is more than the words you have put across to a person you are in love with. The written art of love is what convinces you that you are the one for me.

As you look around and gaze into the eyes of the one you are in love with, each and every moment is listless and grasps your feeling for the person. The same feeling is generated at the other end unknowingly. Each and every movement of your listless ways,

The grasping of your hand, the warmth of your heart can make both of you feel like no other. You are the master of your heart and soul. You rule your feelings in every respect.

I used to believe that love was only a fable, configured in the mind, planted by others. But this feeling is only realized when the most wanted and the one who lives in your dreams comes in front of you and all of a sudden you feel like a blooming flower. Your dream comes true and you feel on top of the world. Feels like sharing everything with the person you are in love with.

It rejuvenates you and your mind and you become like a BIRD who wants to fly to the highest to reach the stars as you are getting what you want. Your mind is nurtured and watered with the fragrance of love and care which you were looking for the AGES TOGETHER..AND COULD QUENCH YOUR THIRST WITH THE ETERNAL FEELING YOU HAD AND FELT AT LAST….

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2 Responses

  1. quadeer says:

    nicely written.


  2. nitesh_maverick says:

    The thought was simply beautiful. dude u must be in love or else u r a terrific writer

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