SRK aspires to be teacher

SRK aspires to be teacher

Anchoring on TV shows is proving out to be goldmine for our Bollywood big-wigs. SRK new avatar in KYA AAP PANCHVI PAAS SE TEZ HAI has created buzz as the winning amount is mind-blowing Rs.5 crore. In a recent interview, SRK desired to be teacher and boasted the professional stature of able teacher. Now this can be some sort of gimmick where leading superstar had tried to influence the viewers. It’s a stage where he is almost jobless with couple of projects. This reality game show based on famous American show is turning out to big historical event for him as he is paid an astronomical amount to host the show.

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    To be frank, SRK is not as popular as anchor than Amitabh. SRK Kaun Banega Karode pathi was not as big hit as the big B’s. I hope this new show KYA AAP PANCHVI PAAS SE TEZ HAI will bring some fortuntes to SRK’s anchoring career….

    Madhu Vamsi….

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