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What is Success ?

Love your work
Shed your ignorance
Love to win and respect people
Get the affection of children
Earn the approval of honest critics
Endure the betrayal of false friends
Appreciate the beauty coming your way
Find the best in others
Give your best to the world around you
Do not expect too much from others
Accomplish your task in time
Get your work done if required by a healthy mind person
Be Friends with healthy and rescued soul
Laugh and be loved by all
Love all and enter into their heart
With all your pure and honest thoughts
Do not let it down anyway
Love your failures
As they teach you more
And give you the ideas to improve and improve
To lead to the dreams

Give your honest efforts to the work and those efforts will reciprocate you in a very fruitful and decent way. Never loose heart and be firm with your thoughts and goals. You are sure to reach the destination with flying colors and with the good and best results as per your desire.

Love your work and worship it religiously. Take your work seriously and sincerely to make it a success. Never loose your heart if you have a failure in the beginning, keep the light of hope burning in your heart and let the flowers of success blossom in your way.

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