Sushmita turns philosophical with “Jhansi Ki Rani”

Sushmita turns philosophical with “Jhansi Ki Rani”

Sushmita Sen’s long lasting desire to directing and producing heroine oriented film is finally coming to reality. She was outspoken with her overweight looks to showcase her future plans about her plans of being film director. Sushmita was overexcited to deliver the fact that she has noble intentions of directing film based on the life and works of legendary “Jhansi Ki Rani”. The success of JODHA AKBAR can also be one of the reasons that may have inspired her to make an historical epic. Sushmita’s heroine oriented films like SAMAY, CHINGARI and ZINDAGI ROCKS have earlier bombes and so the fate of its distributors and producers. Let’s hope that her noble intentions might turn into reality.

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Taking a historic movie is good idea but one should know the art of direction. Sushmita’s idea is good but who will direct the film is the point. Any film success depends on direction more than any other factor.

    Madhu Vamsi….

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