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Terrorism returns back to big screen with BLACK & WHITE

Terrorism returns back to big screen with BLACK & WHITE

The concept of “terrorism” has been making waves in our films and has surely been added as new subject of discussion. This week new release BLACK & WHITE handles with the subject of “terrorism” with great skill and research. I was overwhelmed with the promos and teasers of the film that showed an outlandish and provoked Muslim boy showing his disgust and anger against the administration of Indian Government. The film also has Anil Kapoor playing elderly Hindu playing the role of Urdu professor in the film. Filmmaker Subhash Ghai whose successful career has so far been marked with “masala” entertainer has shifted his gears completely with experimental cinema with this film. This dark thriller is story of terrorist finding for his identity and thus getting reformed with the ethics and principles of humanity. I will be eager to watch the film as I have already been impressed with films like BLACK FRIDAY and DHOKHA in the past.

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