Tony Blair praises Rahul Gandhi

Tony Blair praises Rahul Gandhi

Last year Congress “prince” Rahul Gandhi made news for all wrong reasons when he showed his immaturity at a party meeting. This year, he receives warm welcome by none other than British former Prime Minister Tony Blair for his magnanimous stature as young politician of India. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed his most worthy attribute to this Nehru-Gandhi family budding star Rahul Gandhi by quoting him as he stood out as the “most talented” and “insightful” among young breed of politicians worldwide. Blair was answering to a question about the future of India and he replied his positive vibes for Rahul Gandhi.

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2 Responses

  1. sajeevss says:

    We hope Mr.Blaire;s far sightedness is right…India is in the need of some young energetic leaders …just like our cricket team…and not like our Hockey team…with people like Gill

  2. Service_to_all says:


    Im not sure if Tony Blair is an astrologer as otherwise on what basis he has mad such a comment one fails to uderstand. For Rahul has not shown any credible signs of a leader of any prominence till date, however the only tag that can be atributed is the Gandhi Tag.


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