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True beauty is on inside
Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder
Do not judge by looks
Count the real pearls lying inside
The world around YOU
Live in reality not in show
Show off takes you away from reality
Reality is closer to heart
Love the real thoughts
Than to admire the outer beauty
Like a fruit which has the worth inside
After peeling the same
So wait for the reactions
Than to reach to the conclusion
About somebody by the vary appearance
Take the things in the best and positive way
To make the world beautiful
Not by looking beautiful
But by behaving in an honest and decent way
Beauty can be subjective
It can be objective too
But choose the best intention
Behind the beautiful thing
Love it or leave it
Choice is yours
Leave the rest to the world
To decide the fate of your honesty
Be honest and real in your approach
Be the real YOU in what ever you do
Whatever you say and whatever you express
Do not try to impress
But express yourself
To get the best from all being around you
Then you will realize that
How beautiful is the person is
By his thoughts and deeds
And not by his colorful appearance
God loves and endure the inner beauty
Beauty of the soul
And not the sole beauty with ornaments
As beauty needs no ornaments
It is complete in itself
If it is pure and clear
The more pure your soul is
The more beautiful is YOU
The more honest you are from within
The more beauty lies in your presence
The more pure you are in your thoughts
The more wanted you are by ALL
Be pure, honest and clear
In every way and everywhere in your LIFE

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