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Who is a good companion?

Who is a good companion?

The one who moves along with you and guides you the right path or the one who tries to bully you for every mistake. I believe that a good companion should not be like a rain which comes and goes but should breeze like fresh air, which is around us every time.

A friend in need is friend indeed, is the right theme line to go with this thought. A true companion is the one who supports you everywhere and encourages you to do the good things in life. Although we know who cares for us and cries for our betterment but will only realize it when they will go far from us. We cry for them who never care for us and care for them who will never cry for us…that is the irony of the show.

How to overcome such situations?

I think we all are capable of overcoming such situations by understanding the people around us, then think and act according to their capabilities and thoughts and then make a decision as to who is our best FRIEND OR COMPANION.

Always give a second thought to the decisions to be taken by you for other’s action as it will reflect your insight also. Be patient and wait for the results. Sometimes we want to react on a give situation spontaneously as the intensity of the situation demands, leaving aside that we should give our decisions and actions a thought.

Committing a mistake is quiet humanistic action but still if someone tries to improve the same, one should encourage the same rather than pondering upon the negative area of the same person.

Why some children are not respecting their elders? It is because they are rebuked for every action done by them rather than they are being advised to correct their vary actions they are simply scolding them and sometimes beating them too. It leaves a child hurt by all means, shaken from inside and tries to retaliate and will never listen to you and respect you. Try to be his companion and friend in order to make him a good human being.

Here I conclude that a true companion is the one who spread happiness like a perfume which you cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on yourself…so try to be happy and make others happy so that you can win the heart of others and can find TRUE FRIENDS FROM THE WORLD AROUND YOU….BE YOUR COMPANION FIRST AND THEN FIND THE SAME FROM THE CROWD ….

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2 Responses

  1. betterlife says:

    A good companion is, in whose company you feel good. A good companion supports you when you are right and advises when you are wrong. A good companion is not a blind supporter.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  2. lkjhgf says:

    A good companion is one who moves along with you and guides you the right path by giving the solutions to overcome the mistakes done by u.

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