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World of Precious friends

Precious friends

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
God gave me friends
I know,
For they knew me
Before I had much to say

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
They loved me by being close to my heart and soul
Friends are already you were close before I knew,
There is a secret somehow the special one
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Who gently understands and knows me from the core
Love me for my thoughts and thinking

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
I thank God every day for giving me
A bunch of wonderful Friends
Who stand by me
In my thick and thin
They loved me for everything

Friends are precious
Lovely in every way
Friends are forever
For the life time
To share the sorrows and happiness of life
To make me feel comfortable
Lively and loveable
They are world to me
Lucky to have them in my life

Friends show me the right way
As and when I seek advice from them
Giving me the worth of what I am
Never been away
When I need them the most
Friends are friends
No alternative to this special soul
The one who is blessed with the world of friends
Is the lucky one to be in this world
Friends are precious
Lovely in everyway

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2 Responses

  1. Sulochana says:

    Nice poem and an excellent way to thank your friends .

  2. kiranshubha says:

    You are right. A friend is one person who can really be there for you when you need. And we are lucky to be blessed with such a relationship.

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