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Learning mean knowing which is not known before, there are two types of learning,Theory learning and physcially learning.
Theory learning is what we gain from our course book,magazine,daily newspaper,and from media.Physically learning is… experiencing or exploring from what we learn from theory.
Learning is vast important for each person in todays century. Getting the knowledge from books,magazine,news paper etc, is not enough,rather it has to be explore in action. The more we learn the more need to put in action.As we all know action speaks louder than words.Though there is so much store on head but no use if it is not utilize.
even in learning there are two type of people, some are slow learner and some are fast learner.there is no end of learning and no age limit to learn , as long as life goes on learning goes on.
there is so much to learn more, life sirvive with learning both theorily and practically, so there is no way of end in learning.

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