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Money money, money, every single human knows without money no life. Nothing makes possible without money, because it fulfill the desire of heart. Some says money is not important, for them love is more important; what if there is so much love at heart, but no money. Heart will reveal the love however expressing words is not enough at this stage, money has become important, the more money you have the more you will have friends and can have what heart desire, there is no end of having money, every one knows the fact that every single person needs money for some to survive and for some to live royally.
Money can spoil the human brain and it can repair, if only utilize in proper way. Money is important at the same time money is also not every thing that life needs, with money can buy car, house, land, and what ever we want, however
It will not bring back ones life that vanishes.
So money money money” enjoys with it, and loves your life too and saves from ruining brain too.

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