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relationship: Here we can say,friends relation, family relation and many more, however here i am talking about man and women’s relation.
It sound sweet like honey and feels bed of roses in the begenning how ever as the days past by and the relation grows old,automatically, the sweet like honey becomes bitter and the bed of roses become thorn.(am i rite people?) its all because, when the opposite sex takes the relation just for fun and enjoy only whats outword.the feelings of pain starts when they both seems turning away from each other.thats what when the relation breaks and start hating from both side, and their bright morning become into dark days.
Relationship between man and women grows lively and prosper, when there is meutual understanding, thats fills with love and caring, and grow together what ever situation come(physically or financially).relationship grows rapidly and prosper, when there is patience, listen to each other,understand the feelings of each other with love and caring.
Now its up to the both, how they handle and keep the relation growing.

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