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A temple I visited recently

A couple of weeks back I had visited a temple near Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border, a place called bhoyikonda. There is a famous temple of goddess gangamma & the temple is situated on top of a mountain. It is a two storey temple with goddess gangamma devi temple on top & below lord shiva surrounded by a tank of water. The temple is on top of mountain but at the half distance of mountain from ground, there is another temple of gangama which believed she kept her first step & then sat on top of mountain which is why there are two temples of her.

There is one huge rock outside the temple which is sliced into two parts & it is a very fine slice as neat as you get when you cut the butter. The story goes that muslim dynasty used to rule this place a long time ago & they used to treat the hundus very cruelly. Goddess gangamma grew angry & she came to earth to fight the muslims & to show her anger she just slashed her sword on a huge rock which cut into two halves with fine slice.

It is also believed about this temple that whatever your pray & wish here comes true & once it comes tru you must come back again to the temple to perform pooja. During the pooja if you keep the flower in the hand & pray for one wish & keep it on throne of goddess & if it falls down, it is beleived that it comes true.

It was a real good experience being to this temple & it is surrounded by scenic views. It is about 160 kms from Bangalore & comes on Kolar road.

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