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About Manipal Hospital – Bangalore

Couple of weeks ago, a bike accident happened near whitefield and initially the rider got admitted to a hospital called Vydehi near whitefield. Later it was proposed by Vydehi doctors to take him to either Nimhance or Manipal. since NIMHANCE is very far and
also by considering traffic at that time, they took him to Manipal Hospiotal. To reach even Manipal it took
too much time, Most of the delay caused because of Heavy Traffic in airport road.

As soon as they took him to the Manipal hospital doctors said his state is very critical and 95 % he is out. Still they said they will do CT-Scanning and then they can clearly confirm the status.
Then around 10.30 PM they arranged for CT-Scanning ( Too much of delay). Soon after the CT-Scanning one of the doctor reported his BRAIN is damaged,
2 kidney’s and small lever also was damaged for which he needs to be operated for a head surgery and a stomach surgery, during the operation
he may die also or at any moment he may die. Soon after they took him to ICU instead of taking him to Operation Theatre. There was around 1 hr
delay in answering us back from this point. They didnt allow any one to see him when he was in ICU untill they demanded and shouted on them.

Later they found he is already dead & they were trying to operate the dead body for the sake of 2 Lakh rupees which was the cost of operation.

So everyone must be aware & be careful with such games played on public by big hospitals

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    The doctors profession which was considered as noblest profession is no longer so. It has become like any other business, thanks to the very high capitation fee charged. Most consider this as an investment for a business and the mindset is changed even before the person enters the medical college.


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