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ATM Secret

This is one of the top secrets of ATM machines. If at any point of time you are forced at a wespon point buy theives to take out money from ATM. Just type your ATM pin in reverse order, for example your ATM code if 1234, type it as 4321. The money will be dispensed but simultaneously an alarm will be triggered in a near by police station to that ATM. So, the cops will be there in a minute or 2 & theives will not even be aware they will be caught.
Isn’t it a greatest secret. But caution: do not try just for the sake of trying it. If you are trying it without any reason, instead of theives you will be inside the jail.
Another fact is that, an ATM is always installed within the range of police station in any area.

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    This hoax of reverse pin, triggering alarm to police has been floating around. The banks have not implemented it though some such recommendations had come from intelligent user of ATMs.

    If at all banks would have implemented it, they would have informed all ATM customers of the same, which has not been done till date.


  2. admin says:

    No. This is not true. These tips actually comes through chain mails and they are not at all real. Realize that somebody has played trick to see if it reaches him back after taking rounds over the Internet.


    Popular hoaxes, which you certainly would have come across are:

    Recently I have come across a guy who is making big money by distributing this type of fake emails playing with the emotions of the people. So, be careful.

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