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Audio Casettes – An Antique Item

Ever since the MP3 format of songs have come in, audio cassettes have become antique peices just like the old days record plates. You can hardly find anyone buying audio caseetes nowadays. Even vidoe casettes for that matter is out dated. And since internet has come into existence, people don’t even go out & buy music cd’s. They just download MP3 for free from internet & burn it onto to an empty CD.

Off late even Audio CD’s & VCD’s have become some what out dated. Most of them use MP3 format of songs & DVD format of movies. Best part is, if you have internet you can download both movies & songs free of cost. Many of the websites offer free download & some with a minimum amount for registration to the site.

I guess the music companies are facing a huge loss due to internet free downloads of music.

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  1. jmalhotra says:

    yes it is a fact ..free downloads is posing a problem to the music world ….they are not getting the adequate returns of the efforts they are putting into it

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