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Call Centers

Call Centers have drastically increased in India & especially in Bangalore. Many people have got job oppurtunities. Many who were finding it difficult to study further due to high fee structures in colleges are now able to earn working at call center & pay their exam fees & continue their studies side by side. Thanks to call centers & BPOs which has given job oppurtunities to many of them who are students & people who were unemployed from a long time. You can find one person atealst in a family working at a call center. There are many benefits unlike other industries. You get dorr to door transport facility, food coupons, handsome salary, incentives, growth opputunities, fun filled work environment & 5 working days with 2 weekly offs. What more you want to lead a happy life. Once again, thanks to BPOs & Call Centers.

Many MNC companies from across the world have out sourced call centers to India & are conitnuing outsourcing to India. This is because of low cost on manpower & resources. IN U.S. a call center agents get paid from 1800 $ to 4000 $ which is equivalent to 72,000 rs to 1,60,000 rs whcih is a average salary for 7 to 18 people here in India. So due to this big difference the outsourcing has not stopped.

Initially there were problems regarding quality, voice & accent etc. But now Call centers in India have stabilized to cater the services & mmet the expectations of client.

So, in my view call centers & BPO will be in India for ever.

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3 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    I dont think there is a bright future of the person working in it.
    He is never sure of being permanent there.Also there is nothing new to learn which other jobs do and the employee which should be learning new tech. never get such oppurtunity.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    There have been several instances of financial and data frauds committed by BPO staff of some companies. If proper checks and balances are not put in place, the hen which lays the golden egg will be killed.


  3. rohanrs says:

    Hi buddy i really agree with what you say…its a nice way to earn money specially for teenagers and people who cant afford to pay for their higher studies…but its very tiresome too and if we work in the night our life cycle changes…..

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