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Coffee Day’s Chocolate Fantasy

I’m sure you have heard or have been to the famous Cafe Coffee day. Buthave you ever tasted the pastry called Cholocate Fanatsy there. Oh wow! my mouth is just watering writing about it. They serve the pur chocolate flavored pastry with hot chocolate sauce. It is truly an amazing experience to have it. The price is just 40 rs/- but the treat is truly royal. Your taste buds will definitely ask for more after you finish eating it. It comes in two ways, one is the plain chocloate fanatsy & another is choc”o”vloc which comes with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce. So, the next time you go to coffee day, you must definitely try it out. Trust me, once you taste it, you will have it every time you go to a coffee day, who knows, you might go there to have chocolate fantasy, more than coffee.

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