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Cricket with family

Last sunday I played a cricket match near my cousin’s place where everyone in the family was involved. We had two teams of 11 players each. Each team had my relatives with all age groups: uncles, aunties, cousins, their wifes & kids, nephews & nieces, sisters & brothers & my parents, wife, sister in laws, co-brother too.

Actually we boys started playing cricket just like that since it had been many years we played. I am 29 years old & many of my cousins are even elder to me. So we though we will have some fun. It was my co-brothers idea to get everyone in the family involved & he made a formal announcement that we will have match between two teams & winning team will be treated by losers. So the game began at 11:00 AM in a big ground near my cousin’s place & it was 20 overs match. We in a team played 1st innings & batted till 2:00 PM. We had break for 2 hours for lunch & rest. The we started around again at 4:00 PM & match got over by 6:20 PM. We won the match with 158 runs & they lost by just 8 runs at 150 runs.

Winning was not important to any of us but the fun we had was too good. Now we have planned to have such games whenever possible. It was amazing experience & words are just not enough to express how much we were happy in the game.

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  1. asomormridul says:

    I too have this habit of playing cricket with my cousins and special during festive seasons when all our family members gather up to celebrate. But we dont have such a huge family to make eleven players a side. So, we go for six over cricket with five to six players each side. It is really a great fun and we never get tired of playing the game.


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