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Dirty SMS & MMS

Ever since the mobile phone revolution has started, people are just too addicted to SMSing & most of them who use SMS services are youngsters. With SMS service, the maximum number of type of SMSs that flow around is the dirty jokes or so called adult jokes. This is a major concern every wheer in India. This has to some extent has spoiled the minds of youngsters.

Governement should consider this as a serious offense & bring in some rule to avoid people sending dirty messages. This is also affacting school children who use mobile. Also which is a major concern is MMS which has lead to many incidents that has caused a major threat to the culture of our country.

It’s time some action be taken against this. This is one example how technology can spoil lives of people.

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2 Responses

  1. MOKSHA says:

    yes but not only SMS emails too. People send adult emails. With respect to mobile number it is very rare that unknown person send non veg messages but with email IDs one get maximum of adult messages. However I feel it all depends upon the person……if the person wishes he or she can stop receiving such adult content via SMS OR EMAILS OR ANY OTHER MEDIA.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    What you say is true, but you should first analyse as to who is the sender and who is the receiver. Invariably the sender of such messages are known to the receiver. It is only in rare instances that the receiver is someone who is being harassed by a maniac. All such cases are reported to the police and the cyber crime officials take up the matter.

    If you receive a dirty SMS from your friend, you should have the guts to say to him that he is wrong, and will avoid him if he does that in future. The minute everyone does this such SMS wil automaticaly reduce.

    Stop enjoying such SMS and take firm action against the individual be it a friend and things will turn for the better.


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