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Enamel for your nails

We all take care of our body clean & healthy but one thing most of us forget is caring for our nails. It is not just enough that we cut & trim our nails. But also need to keep it healthy. Nails tend to have cracks on surface during cold season & winds. It will not harm your nails in any ways but it will look very ugly as the dirt easily enters the cracked area & make ti look dirty.

Moisturizers form a thin layer on skin when applied & protects it from getting cracked & dried. Similarly for nails, it is best to apply enamel which is transparent in color & even guys can use it over the nails. Once you apply, it protects your nails for atleasy a week to 10 days. It will make your nails look nice & clean & can stop any claimtic conditions from cracking your nail’s surface.

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