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Exelling Excel

I am sure most of you know what is MS Excel, it is a very beautiful office application by Microsoft used for purpose of Charts, Tables & reports. Many or I must say all companies rely on Excel for reports. It is a powerful tool to manage the reports & it is considered greatest advantage if you are really good in excel. No matter what industry you join, in today’s world excel is used everywhere. So what are you waiting for, start exelling in excel & you can really find it a greatest advantage in your career line.

If you know Excel very well, do not hesitate to highlight that in your resume as it will really catch the attention of interviewer. Many companies depend on multi-tasking by their employees & excel is one tool which can really help you in doing that, It is one tool with many features & options to make your tasks simple & easy to perform.

You can learn excel from the in-built tutorial which you can find in the Help Menu of the Excel.

So, if you have not yet learnt it, start today.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    and one can learn from the inbuilt tutorial given in the HELP section and is used by statisticians, accountants and sometimes for tabular statements for official use

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