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Family V/S Career

Family & Career are two things which can affect the other very easily. If you are a very hard working person who is behind making name, fame & money in career, you definitely tend to loose hang of your relationships. You will loose all those precious time which you can’t spend with your family.

Similarly if you are too dedicated towards your family, it wil be hard to concentrate on your career.

It is important you ensure family does not become your worst enemy for your career & vice versa. And to do so, you need to balance both. Best thing to do that is, when you are at work do not think about family, 8 hours a day at work should be only for work purpose & when you come back home, leave your office work at office & do not get it to home & spoil precious time that you should be spending with your family.

So, work time is for work & rest for your family & friends. This way, you can avoid family v/s career situation in your life. Do not let one interfere into the other.

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3 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    u have talk about the family v/s career thats in the middle of the life. Thats good and is true almost.
    But the family and the problem associated with it can also play a major role in deciding career.
    Certain times u have to choose one of the options either family or career.

  2. Sulochana says:

    I would rather say a healthy balance of of both the aspects . Because it is quite impossible to forget completely about family when you are in work . Yes there are some jobs that demand absolute devotion from the individual . Good post .

  3. jmalhotra says:


    one must maintain balance between WORK AND FAMILY ..it will always keep you satisfied and happy

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