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Force India – F1 Team

After many years India is ready with a F1 Team sponsored & lead by Vijay Mallya. He is the director of Team India. All these years India did not get into this sport because of the high cost involved, but now since there are good number of sponsors mainly Kingfisher & ICICI, India has finally formed the team. only 11 countries are allowed which means only 11 teams from world. And we must be really proud that india is one of these 11 teams. I am sure Indian Team has good enough skills to win the championships & will find a good place in the league in near future.

I am just too eager to see the performance of Forice India Team. I am not sure when its first race would be & where in the world & which championship. But whatever it is, we must be really proud that our country would be participating in F1 sports.

Thanks to Vijay Mallya who has shown tremendous interest & has contributed a lot in forming the Indian team.

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