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Fruits – a best substitute to snacks

If you have a habbit of eating snacks in between your lunch & dinner, & every now & then; then it’s time you think about your health & more over, you will be a victim of problems like: Obesity, Cholesterol, BP, Body pain etc. The best way to avoid eating snacks & junk foods made from oil & cheese etc is to switch on to fruit snacks. Yes, having fruits every now & then not only improves your health to a greater extent but also they are deleicious to eat. Fruits like; Grapes, Orange, Apple, Chiku, strawberry, Peach, Apricot, Seetafal, water melon & the list is huge. There many variety of fruits & having fruits salad is tasty & healthy way.
It is important you take care of your health for your better & healthy future. A healthy man is the happiest man. It is not necessary you completely stop having junk foods, you can have it may once a week or so but for a regular snack, it is better to have it healthy.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    health is wealth …which can be maintained if you take care of it by eating fruits instead of spicy and fattening snacks

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