Gufaa (Den) – Hyderabad

A couple of years back I had been to Hyderabad from my previous company for work purpose. I was there for a week & one evening after the work, I & my frineds had been to a restaurant called gufaa which in Hindi means Den. I don’t remember the area & location so well since my friend who is familiar with the city had taken us there.
As we eneterd th restaurant it was dark with red light glowing here & there it was 10 to 15 steps of passage before entering inside. It was exaclty like a lions cave. As we entered inside, everything was pretty much like a forest, the servers were dressed like hunters with khaki uniform & a big gun no their backs & long boots. The tables were made of stones & the lamp was the typical ancient style lanterns but with a electric bulb in it.
The food served was in a plate made of clay.
Overall the food, ambience, environment, the music (jungle music & animal roaring sounds) the experience was truly awesome & worth many visits.

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