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Improper Maintenance of Roads in Bangalore

Have you ever noticed roads in Bangalore. It’s never 100% clear. There is some or other construction going on by the sides of roads at everytime of the year. You can never find Bangalore clear from digging work. One work is over, some where another one starts. There is always inconvenience to the public throug out the year. The govt. is very poorly organized & has not taken serious measures & steps to keep the city clean & well organized with repair works.

It seems, there is no end to this at all. It’s high time BMP (Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) plans these digging & repair works in a well organized manner. Many a times, the digging works have caused & is continuing causing a major traffic jams. The work doesn’t get over faster & the materials like sand & stone is just put roughly on the road where vehicles commute. Bangalore is a IT city & such a city requires a very well organized team of constructors & developers to make the work faster. Many flyover construction works are going on since more than 3 to 5 years.

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