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India V/S Australia

With a treemndous performace in today’s(Feb 26th “08) match with Srilanka & a superb victory, there is definitely a ray of hope for India to win against Australia. Saching tendualkar was at his best today in batting & with beautiful boundaries & 6’s he definitely contributed the most in today’s victory & Gautham Gambhir with his batting performance made sure India would win.

It is really important that the ICC identifies best of the talents in cricket & give them chance to prove that they can make a difference to Indian Cricket Team. Offlate few of the new comers have been given chance & they have proved it well.

Let’s all hope & pray that this series be won by India.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Hope that India wins in the final against Aussies and give them a shameful defeat in their home ground.

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