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Insane Beggars

Today morning while I was on my way to office, my CAB stopped in one of the traffic junctions here in Bangalore. I saw a woman carrying a baby begging at the traffic stop, going to every car & begging for money. During this I noticed, she was pinching the baby from behind to make it cry to gain sympathy from people there. I just asked why she was pinching the baby. She gave me a straight answer that if baby is smiling, no one will give money. I ot wild with that statement & warned her I would give a complaint to a police station nearby. Another man from a neighbouring car in the signal supported me & started scolding the woman. She suddenly left the baby on foot path & ran away from the site. Another man came running from somewhere, god knows from where he appeared, he took the baby & ran. When I asked the traffic police, he said they are all in a team & baby is usually not their’s & they hire baby on daily rental basis, god knows from where. The cop said, there is a big network of such beggars & has become impossible to stop such acts.

However, I just made a quick announcement to the crowd there to no entertain such beggars by lending money which will encourage them to continue.

And to all bloggers here too, my request is do not lend any money when you see such beggars with baby on their backs. I feel it is a real insane rutheless act of begging. Lend money for physically disabled beggars who just sit around corner & beg because they are the ones who really need help.

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7 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    How funny!! Really the physically disabled are the worthy to receive merciful donation.

  2. Sulochana says:

    You are right . Beggars too are inventing newest of theories to trap people . What is more amuzing is that police know them , let them do that everyday .

  3. jmalhotra says:


    its better to give them food rather than money ..cos we are not sure whether it is going to be used for them or taken by the gang

  4. lkjhgf says:

    The working of beggers community has been explored in the movie “Traffic signal”. There u can see the real picture about them.

    So dont give them money if u r doubtful about them and if a child begs then give him/her a packet of biscuit or something to eat instead giving them money which they will not get.

  5. veereswara sarma says:

    s, there is a shame to us.
    they wantedly do these,
    some of others giving these chances,
    they getting like these,
    i have read/seen one day,
    in hyderabad r banglore
    NO BEGGAR in these city.
    the CITY police man/society members r taken these beggar’s to give life them.
    it cannot done,
    how it possible,
    they can also read n write.
    they cann’t do any work.
    they can earn money like these.
    they can earn money for a day nearly in blr. 200 to 300, hence,
    there is a GOOD IDEA, then their LIVES CHANGED.

  6. rohanrs says:

    Hi we are the reason for all these things to happen we feel pity and give them money and once they start earning money like this this becomes their daily routine…and easy way to make money…

  7. lkjhgf says:

    Begging is just another field of earning.
    I once read the news in paper tht at one famous temple in Delhi begger’s daily income is around Rs 700/-.
    Therefore they earn Rs 21000/- per month & that too without tax.
    Many of my frnds r planning to leave engineering and adopt that field.

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