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Kannada Movies

Off late kannada film industry has taken a new turn. Eversince the release of movie “Mungaaru Male”, the number of hit movies in kannada has drastically increased. Earlier people hardly used to watch kannada movies because of same old & stale faces in the industry. And now many new faces are getting chance to act in the movie & best part is these movies are running well & attracting a lot of younsters. Not only actors & actresses but also new music directors & camera men are getting oppurtunities. And observing at quality of direction, photography & music in kannada movies I can really say people are now getting interested in watching kannada movies. Thanks to industry which has given chance to new people in the field to prove their talent. The lyrics & music of kannada movie songs nowadays are really good & can easily be comparible to bollywood songs & sometimes even better. Songs from movies which have realsed on & after Mungaaru Male are really nice ones.

Overall I must say kannada film industry has show a drastic imporovement & must keep up the good work.

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  1. veereswara sarma says:

    hello, friend,
    nice topic have u choosen,
    i am interested films,
    i am a telugu person,
    i am so interested KANNADA films,
    there is a so many SONGS very very popular,
    i have ever listen ENNENO JANMALA BHANDAM….. song is very very interested.
    kannada films r remaked in TELUGU version,
    they r superhits in telugu also.
    thank u for giving these topic,
    i go back in past.
    have a nice night.

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