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Kareena Kapoor a flop queen

I have read many articles that say Kareena kapoor is a flop queen & she is the actress with highest number of flop movies. I feel it is probably because she does not have good analytical mind to think what kind of movie to sign & what not. She has in her career has accepted all movies which has come on her way & that is the reason why she is flop. Other actors & actresses usually sign movie only after knowing the story line, lyrics, dialogues etc & then if they find it could be a hit, they sign or else no. But in one way, one must appreciate Kareen because she has accepted all movies & not disappointed anyone by saying NO. But still there are a lot of fans, I must say it is because of her revealing outfits she wears in dance numbers & some sequences of the movies.

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    When she ditches a person like Shahid Kapoor to move over to Saif. That shows her character of choice.


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