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Lead India

I am sure everyone knows what LEAD INDIA is all about. It is a good idea for a leading newspaper company like “Times of India” to initiate such a contest to choose a leader for Indian politics. But what my question goes with this is, “Can the person who wins really be as honest as we expect out of this contest”? With so many corrupt politicians in the country, it would become little hard to beleive that one man can be honest among all corrupt politicians. It is not just important that a leader is selected with skills & qualifications to handle the country’s politics. But it is also important that the person takes a responsibility not only to cut down on corruption but also to ensure he doesn’t fall in that pool. Becasue, corruption as we all know is the key concern to the progress of our country. Let’s not just look for a leader but look for a leader who can make a big difference to our nation, a difference so big that our nation can stand tallest amon all other countries in world.

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2 Responses

  1. smile_kanth says:

    thats what i am feeling.it may give the popularity for the particular media,but for thefeature of india. and if u see that program means,the winner of the contest is saying he will not participate in election .what it indicates? people has to think.


  2. jmalhotra says:


    We need a leader who really knows the aspect of making the things practically possible and give the best to the society ..should be a builder rather than a thinker

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