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Life in Bangalore

Life in Bangalore has changed a lot. From “Pensioners Paradise” to “Garden City” & “Garden City” to “Silicon Valley” & “Silicon Valley” to “IT Capital of India” & now “IT Capital of the World”.

No city in the worl has transformed so fast as Bangalore. It has become a never sleeping city & Bangalore is awake 24 hrs a day. You can find almost 40% of total population working during the night. It’s not far when you will have shopping malls & restaurants open for 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Time has become very very expensive in Bangalore & it has advanced more than any city in India & probably in Asia. You can find head offices of all big MNC companies right here in Bangalore. It is surely a biggest metro politan in India – may not in size but definitely in terms of per capita income & infrastructure.

An everage income of citizen of Bangalore is 10,000 rs per month which is highest compared to any other cities in the country. Life in Bangalore has become lavish, you can find everyone owning a car or atleast a bike. Unemployement is a past term in here. Everyone has a job, everyone’s lifestyle has changed & has become much more advanced than Mumbai which was earlier a fashion city. Now Bangalore is more fashionable than Mumbai.

Bangalore has become & is becoming the num,ber one city in all aspects. So, Bangalore really rocks!!!

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