Making Money

Making money is one everybody’s mind. Even I for that matter, think atleast once or twice in a day how to make money. Though I am employed & getting monthly salary, I feel it is just not enough. With rising cost of commodities & groceries, it is difficult to manage with what you get. But to be frank, what I am earning is pretty much enough for my living & to keep my family happy & fulfill their needs & even to enjoy life with travelling & everything.

But it is tendency of human thoughts to have greed for more money in order to have something extra than what you have. Though you have everything in life to be happy & lead happy life as long as you are alive, you still feel you need something else to satisfy your needs. And it is this greed which makes us work more & more hard than what we normally do. but what we forget is the valuable time that we can give to our family.

So in my opinion, money is not all but also your health & family. Think twice before you decide to work harder spending more time at work!

I have stopped doing over times as I have realised that real happiness is not in money but having good health & spending time with family is real happiness.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Thats the human tendency to not get satisfied with what we have we go on completing one or another aim after aim.
    Earn more n more to buy new and new things.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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