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Mobile misuse

Yesterday when I was at office, as usual I went for a tea break at cafeteria which is located on 9th floor in our building. After a tea break while returning back to work, I forgot my cell phone on a table in cafeteria. When I came back to my work at 2nd floor, I did not realize I forgot my mobile there. By the time I realized someone had taken it & misused, what they did was sent some harassing & nasty message to the people in my phone’s contact list. I realized I lost my phone only when I started getting calls to my office desk phone where some of my colleagues & friends called back to ask why I sent such a pathetic message. I immediately went to the office security & reported the loss & complained HR dept. about the misuse of my phone.

Later today morning, with help of CCTV cameras they found the culprits who miused my phone. However, they apologised but still terminated from the company as per policy.

So, my advice to everyone is, never leave your cell phones & always ensure you carry with you wherever you go. I was lucky to know aout it but not every can be as lucky as me to know about the misuse & catch hold of the culprits. So beware of your phones & never leave it anywhere. Always put it back to your pockets after using it.

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