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Multiplex Theatres in Bangalore

Bangalore has many mutiplex theatres now. Innovative multiplex on Marthalli ring road was the first multiplex theatres in Bnagalore with 4 screens, eat out zones & couple of shops for shopping. It is not a mall as such. 2nd is the PVR cinemas at the Forum Mall in Koramangala with 11 theatres in 3 classess – Gold Class, Europa & Classic. 3rd is Inox at Garuda Mall on McGrath Road with 5 screens, 4th is Fun Cinemas at Sigmal Mall on Cunningham Road with 4 screens & 5th one is Fame cinemas at Lido Mall near MG Road. There is one more which is coming up at Gopalan Mall on Mysore road.

With increase in multiplex theatres there is definitely a high demand with individual theatres facing a loss to soe extent with out much demand due to comfort, faciltites & features.

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  1. Swathi says:

    I do agree that in multiplex we have lots of comforts…………
    but the real joy of watching film is a regular theater movie……..
    this my opinion

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