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My love story

It all started when I finished my education & got into my first job in 2002. We were a team of first batch in that organization. Till the time I got in to a job I was never in love with any girl since I was serious about my studies during college days & hardly used to speak to any girl around. But when I started with my job, I became a very good friend with a girl whom I was working in the same team. Initially we were good friends & had no speacial feeling about each other. But later some how her quality & nature started impressing me. It was me who first started liking her without even knowing hse would like me or not. Since her house was on the way from my house to office, I used to pick her & drop her every day. One fine day, while I was on the way home before dropping her, I just propsed her. I don’t know from where i gut so much guts. She did not agreee to my proposal at all. I was very upset but later got to know that she is interested in me but was fearing to let her mom know. I got to know that from one of her friends. One day I want to her home & told her mom about it, before I told her I knew her mom since I used to go to pick her up everyday. Her dad is no more & she has a elder & a younger sister.

Actually her mom was liking me from a long time & since I told her she easily agreed to proposal. Her elder sis & bro-in-law agreed after a while. But it took some time to convince my dad as she was from a poor family but very respected. Later after a month time, my parents agreed too. Short & sweet story, now I’m happily married to her with a 3 month old sweet little baby girl.

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  1. rohanrs says:

    Thats so sweet…good to know that there are people who share their personal life with outside world…

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