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Namdhari Fresh – Bangalore

There is a fruits & vegetable super market in Bangalore called Namdhari’s. It has a chain of it’s super market across the city. I am not really sure if it has got it’s presence else where in India.

The fruits & Vegetables you get here is extremely fresh & tastes different. It is grown in Namdhari farms itself in a clean & fresh environment. In the store you can also find varitiy of food items apart from fruits & vegetables. You get 100’s of varities of sauses, chutneys, pickles, ready to eat food items, ready to cook items & varitiy of ethnic food items.

Not only this, all namdhari fresh outlets has a salad bar which is a key attraction to one who visit here. Ther prepare a varity of salads: Mexican salad, french salad, american salad etc. Among all the most healthy & delicious is vegetable salad. They put all sorts of fresh vegetables in a container & top it up with a choice of sausages they prepare like: tomato & mayonaise, chilly mayonaise, mint mayonaise, curd & curry, etc . It tastes absolutely yummy more than any thing else & yet it is healthiest of all.

If you happen to visit Bangalore, definitely try Namdhari’s Outlet. And for people at Bangalore, if you have not yet gone there, go & try today & you will love it.

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  1. veereswara sarma says:

    hello friend,
    good information have listed u.
    i will tried to goto that place,
    now, a day’s these types of mals/shops/super markets r there.
    v vill encourage that,
    v vill purchased at the place, they,vill do so many variety in future also.
    thanking for giving like these.

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